Tuesday, February 10, 2009


What could be better than the rain after the heat? Hmmm, let me see, a quiet night sewing, after a stressful week of incessant bickering from otherwise adorable angels.... So I've been sewing to save my sanity, the normailty of sitting at my machine, or handsewing silver sequins on black singlets for my kids. Sometimes I question the hours I spend thinking about fabrics, about colour and patterns, but in moments like this I realise the importance of a passion, an interest, a means of finding normaility in the face of change.

We Angels are living with my mum at the moment, we were supposed to be here for a few weeks and a few months on we're still here. Everyone is out of routine and yet spending time doing what I love is such a source of calmness. The fires in Victoria are so heartbreaking. I lost my dad unexpectedly in October last year, which is why we're living with mum for now, and it's such a comfort to be at his home, where there are reminders of him and memories all around. I was watering his vege patch yesterday and my kids were gathering ripe tomatoes from the bushes he planted, it seemed such a strong image of life going on, of the legacy a parent or grandparent leaves on the next generations. My heart goes out to the people in Vic who've not only loved lost one, but also all the material reminders of that person.

I've made some special library bags for my two big brave angels who've settled in beautifully to their new school- yay. Haven't photographed my latest creations yet, but here's some pic of my babies, who are looking less like babies and more like the big people they really are...