Monday, April 25, 2011

An Easter Weekend making PJs and Bags

The wet Easter long weekend couldn't have come at a better time for me. I've been back at work full-time for almost a year now and I'm always trying to squeeze in some quiet sewing moments. This weekend saw two pairs of pyjama pants and a library bag for each of the girls.

Back to work tomorrow fully rejuvenated!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Tina Made

A pillow top- unfinished but in progress. I hand quilted this one and it's coming along nicely...the sun is shining, all is good.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quick Run Down...

Me- lots of fabric shopping, pattern acquisition, op-shop scouring...but a distinct lack of actual sewing....arghhh
Husband- currently in Switzerland with snowflakes falling around him...sigh...
Miss 9- has discovered the clarinet which she is welcome to practice whenever she likes....right down the back of our large yard!!!...eeekk...
Miss 8- is full of creativity- a passion for fashion- she's been cutting outfits from magazines and drawing the heads and bodies around them...awwww...
(Last but not least) Master 3- has discovered LEGO- and I must admit, it's easier on the conscience to buy some sewing time with the construction time instead of TV time.

Oh and I've also made a small fortune lately by selling "stuff" on e-bay. My Donna Hay Kids magazines were a big hit, as was Lucy's Trelise Cooper skirt (sob- she never loved it as much as I did). My Paypal account is healthy and my fabric stash is growing...yay..
I'll be using these this week- it's a date...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Quilt Time

I've made dozens of quilts, but I've given most of them away as gifts. My own girls sleep under cheap store bought threads and I've finally found the time and inclination to make them one each. This is the first (albeit poorly photographed)...and it's for Lucy who is 8. The fabric is by Moda- Snippets, and it isn't too juvenile, nor too's fun and fresh and I've pieced it in a bit of an ecclectic and interesting pattern...very much like Lucy's personality!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas Angels....

HALLELUJAH!!! and the angels rejoice, one photo sucessfully uploaded after 3 months of fidgeting with my settings. Seems there's much to in the cyber-world for me to learn.

Anyway, this is a cheeky little elf-angel under our tree before it was stacked with presents!!!

Somebody stop me...another one!!!! hahaha... I was getting really frustrated with the picture situation and my meddling seems to have come good all of a sudden..ahhh technology!!!

So the pic above is of the beautiful "Nice" biscuit gingerbread house that Chloe made us for Christmas. She was fortunate to have a very crafty teacher for the last few weeks of school and the children took great delight in creating these for their families to enjoy. I am disappointed that the importance of creativity and the value of artistic expression gets pushed aside in favour of more academic achievements. I think they have 20 years of serious learning ahead, they could at least do some craft before they hit double figures.

I remember in primary school we had a little old lady (she was probably 40!!!hehehe- everything's relative-right?) who would come into our classroom one afternoon a week and teach us a new craft/art technique. We learnt stitches on a hessian bag, made a cane bread basket, a caterpillar wall hanging from clay, a silhouette cameo in lead pencil, a scoubidou key ring, string art and marbling paper....I obviously paid attention in art lesson.They are a poignant reminder of my childhood- the pride I took in those lovingly crafted bits and pieces seems to represent phases of my life. My mum used the cane bread basket for years even though it was lopsided and a little unstable. My husband's mum still has a clay paperweight of a punk head (he'll kill me for divulging that), and if I could have I would have kept that biscuit gingerbread house foever too- the smile it brought to her face will have to be enough....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


What a brilliant Summer we've had. It's been unbearably hot, there's been days that we've laid blankets out in the backyard in the shade of our bank of gum trees and hoped for a breeze to save us. Our air-con died just after winter and with our reno looming we decided to suffer through summer in the promise of a ducted system in the near future. What a mistake that was....a hot angel is a cranky angel!!! Fortunately the beach is 2 mins drive and we have lots of friends with air-com who've come to expect us to drop-in on hot days, in fact it's become a case of friends saying, "We'll come to your place for the day, unless it's hot, in which case you can come to us!!" It's summer in Australia, of course it's hot, so we've been out alot...
It's been so hot here in the house that Rod has dubbed my sewing room "the Sweat Shop". It really hasn't been an environment conducive to creativity- but I have managed to stockpile on-line purchases of fabric that are ready and waiting to be turned into specialties. There's been a few op-shop scores and plenty of time to laze about poring over books, patterns and mags- like I said, a BRILLIANT SUMMER!!!

ARGHHH NOT a happy blogger, still can't pload photo's!!! HELLLLPPP!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back in Business....
Haven't been far away, just getting caught up in the frenetic Christmas Pre-Season.
We put the tree up today and the kids are excited already- hope they don't peak too early, it seems like a long time to keep telling Rylan "not yet"- he's been asking if Santa's coming tonight for weeks now.
It's got me thinking though about the whole business of filling our kids head with magic and a mysterious man in a red suit who prowls our house while we're all sleeping. I know, somewhere deep down in my scientifically trained being that it's wrong on some level to lead them down the garden path. But, it also instills in them a feeling of the unknown, the magical and fanciful...I think that's why I sew more at Christmas than any other time of year. Gifts, decorations and dress-ups are all integral to a festive season- I love it, and the memories of childhood that do with it.
I remember angel costumes with tinsel wrapped around coat-hanger wire halo's, fashioned lovingly by mum's year after year, just so bad versions of the little drummer boy could be proudly beamed from assembly.
And let's not forget going to a friends house for Santa to arrive with lollie bags for all the children. We'd sit on his knee and talk and talk for as long as we liked and we never understood why all the parents laughed at him asking the pretty grown up women to sit on his knee....
This year, I'm looking forward to my girls singing at the Christmas assembly...lets hope the little drummer boy gets a look-in, although the secrets out already- I've been enlisted to make a wise-man (woman's) outfit....guess the coat hangers can stay in the cupboard this year!!!!

Image uploader still not playing nice....