Friday, January 29, 2010

Quilt Time

I've made dozens of quilts, but I've given most of them away as gifts. My own girls sleep under cheap store bought threads and I've finally found the time and inclination to make them one each. This is the first (albeit poorly photographed)...and it's for Lucy who is 8. The fabric is by Moda- Snippets, and it isn't too juvenile, nor too's fun and fresh and I've pieced it in a bit of an ecclectic and interesting pattern...very much like Lucy's personality!!!


Rachel said...

Very pretty quilt I love Moda snippets... you're right its girly without being too young or too mature.

Kristie said...

And the best thing about the colours in this quilt is that it'll go with any colour that Chloe wants her room painted - no need to complete another quilt when she changes her mind and decides that a blue room would be nice instead of pink one (recent experience)