Friday, June 26, 2009

One of the best things about moving into our new house (which by the way is anything but new...except in the sense that it's new to us) has been unpacking all our "things" that have been in storage for 5 months. I'd started to think that life would be better without all the "stuff", without all the clutter, but having lived without it all I'm firmly resolved in the belief that we do indeed need our things...they define us, they adorn our homes and each little piece carries a story, a history, a memory....I'd prescribed to the modern thinking of paring life back to the raw basics and getting rid of all the useless bits and pieces that seem to involve so much time and energy to maintain, not to mention the cost of acquiring them in the first place.

Unpacking box after box was like a long drawn out Christmas morning where delightful surprises kept arriving. I'd forgotten about some of the gorgeous fabrcis I'd accumulated, the inspiring books I'd purchased, not to mention the photos and treasured trinkets. Who said there wasn't fun to be had moving? Here's a pic of my collection of glass bottle, my genie bottles that my husband on the surface barely tolerates but I suspect deep down has grown attached to (who couldn't???).

June has seen my baby boy turn THREE. He continually tells me he's a BIG BOY now...I beg to differ. He has grown out of his cot now and is only using this quilt for nap-time now. He calls it his "cowboy blankie". I've almost completed hand quilting his single bed size quilt. My first hand-quilting attempt I'm finding it isn't as slow going as I'd expected, the result is awesome, and it couldn't be a better time of year to sit and patiently and lovingly, stitch by stitch, finish off what has been a marathon project (that story for another day...). Anyway,
happy birthday to you big boy....