Wednesday, January 27, 2010


What a brilliant Summer we've had. It's been unbearably hot, there's been days that we've laid blankets out in the backyard in the shade of our bank of gum trees and hoped for a breeze to save us. Our air-con died just after winter and with our reno looming we decided to suffer through summer in the promise of a ducted system in the near future. What a mistake that was....a hot angel is a cranky angel!!! Fortunately the beach is 2 mins drive and we have lots of friends with air-com who've come to expect us to drop-in on hot days, in fact it's become a case of friends saying, "We'll come to your place for the day, unless it's hot, in which case you can come to us!!" It's summer in Australia, of course it's hot, so we've been out alot...
It's been so hot here in the house that Rod has dubbed my sewing room "the Sweat Shop". It really hasn't been an environment conducive to creativity- but I have managed to stockpile on-line purchases of fabric that are ready and waiting to be turned into specialties. There's been a few op-shop scores and plenty of time to laze about poring over books, patterns and mags- like I said, a BRILLIANT SUMMER!!!

ARGHHH NOT a happy blogger, still can't pload photo's!!! HELLLLPPP!!!

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