Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm so overwhelmingly intimidated by all the crafty women out here in blogland, and blokes too if you're there, haven't seen any yet...but you probably exist...It seems every day I stumble across another amazingly creative being and as inpiring as they are they intimidate me with their abilities....I feel so inferior, so juvenile in my knowledge, which is exciting- knowing there is so much to learn that is.

I showed the quilt I've been working on to my friend who recentlty visited from SA. I had to point out the inadequacies and imperfections. She, I know, is a perfectionist with the needle and can do beautiful embroidery and smocking. My primitive stitches probably made her blood run cold but was too kind to say so, she merely said she wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't pointed it out.

Anyway, I knitted these socks on circular needles and they turned out not quite perfect, but very, very warm. The orders from the family are rolling in...gotta love winter....


ale said...

hola!!!!!l like that socks very very much!!!!l want to learn how to knitt in circular .... they are really lovely!!!!bye!!!from buenos aires!!

Jodie said...

We are own worst critic! They look fantastic and no one can see them under the doona :-)

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