Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas Angels....

HALLELUJAH!!! and the angels rejoice, one photo sucessfully uploaded after 3 months of fidgeting with my settings. Seems there's much to in the cyber-world for me to learn.

Anyway, this is a cheeky little elf-angel under our tree before it was stacked with presents!!!

Somebody stop me...another one!!!! hahaha... I was getting really frustrated with the picture situation and my meddling seems to have come good all of a sudden..ahhh technology!!!

So the pic above is of the beautiful "Nice" biscuit gingerbread house that Chloe made us for Christmas. She was fortunate to have a very crafty teacher for the last few weeks of school and the children took great delight in creating these for their families to enjoy. I am disappointed that the importance of creativity and the value of artistic expression gets pushed aside in favour of more academic achievements. I think they have 20 years of serious learning ahead, they could at least do some craft before they hit double figures.

I remember in primary school we had a little old lady (she was probably 40!!!hehehe- everything's relative-right?) who would come into our classroom one afternoon a week and teach us a new craft/art technique. We learnt stitches on a hessian bag, made a cane bread basket, a caterpillar wall hanging from clay, a silhouette cameo in lead pencil, a scoubidou key ring, string art and marbling paper....I obviously paid attention in art lesson.They are a poignant reminder of my childhood- the pride I took in those lovingly crafted bits and pieces seems to represent phases of my life. My mum used the cane bread basket for years even though it was lopsided and a little unstable. My husband's mum still has a clay paperweight of a punk head (he'll kill me for divulging that), and if I could have I would have kept that biscuit gingerbread house foever too- the smile it brought to her face will have to be enough....

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sandra said...

Hi Tina
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I remember all those crafty moments from school too and am trying to get as much craft into my daughters life before she has to get into uniform!